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First Edition Products


Transmitter When activated the transmitter sends a magnetic field which is directed by the receiver. The operational frequency of the DrillSpotter® requires no special permits. Transmitter automatically calibrates for 3 seconds after switched on. Working temperature 17°F to 120°F. Operation 1. On / Off button 2. Marking hole 3. Flashing diode (1 sec. intervals) when the device is switched on 4. The transmitter's reverse side 5. Battery compartment
Receiver The receiver picks up a position signal from the transmitter in a circumference of 4 feet 9 inches. With the help of the arrow lights the receiver can be precisely positioned. At the same time the receiver measures the distance to the transmitter indicating wall thickness. Operation 1. On / Off button 2. Arrow lights for receiver positioning 3. Marking hole 4. Wall thickness display 5. The receiver's reverse side 6. Battery compartment

Technical Specifications Transmitter/Receiver
Dimensions in inches,
Transmitter W3.15" x H4.7" x T1.2"
  Receiver W3.15" x H7.8" x T1.2"
Weight inc. Batteries approx. Tr. 5 oz., Rec. 6.7 oz.
Transmitter frequency 4.096 KHz 65.5 KHz
Transmitter effect max. 10 mW
Auto shut down function after the lighted arrows shut off.
Transmitter 8 minutes
Receiver 3 minutes
Range Maximum 40ä
Protection IP 53
Power supply Alkaline 9V battery or 9V rechargeable battery.

DrillSpotter® Kit Includes: 1 ea. High quality plastic case with specially formed foam liner 1 ea. Transmitter 1 ea. Container of adhesive paste. 1 ea. Receiver 1 ea. User manual To receive our DrillSpotter™ brochure, please contact us at: sales@firsteditionproducts.com