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First Edition Products

Metal Detector: Unique Features and Benefits

Unique Features and Benefits
  • Detects large metal objects to 16" (when measuring from both sides of the structure.)
  • Meets the most frequent metal detection requests from tradesmen.
  • Includes a light and tone signal when detecting metal
  • Automatically shuts off after 8 minutes - saves on batteries
  • Easy to use - uses a 9 volt alkaline battery Special Operating Instructions The Metal Detector continuously calibrates for the moisture in the structure being measured. When first using the Metal Detector, do not place it directly against the structure being measured. Instead, hold the unit about 1" away from the structure, and move in a sweeping motion over the surface. This will allow you to determine if metal objects are present. If no metal objects are detected, then place it directly against the structure for maximum depth detection. This procedure will eliminate "false" detections caused by moisture in the structure, and "side" readings caused by metal objects close to the surface of the structure.("side" detections occur with metal objects less than 1-1/2" away from the Metal Detector). Special Note: The Metal Detector does not detect plastic pipes or the possible contents of those pipes. The Metal Detector may not detect phone lines, cable, certain electrical wiring, or other small gauge metal objects that are not in metal conduit. Always check before drilling to make sure that these objects are not in the path of your drill.