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First Edition Products

Metal Detector

Advancements in technology have enabled First Edition Products to develop the best metal detector in its class.

Many tradesmen require a metal detector that will detect conduit in an 8" structure. In conjunction with the DrillSpotter, the Metal Detector can precisely locate conduit, ducts and pipes in structures up to 16 thick, and lay out drill entry and exit points or cutting locations on both sides of a wall, that avoid these objects. No other comparable metal detector on the market can perform this task.

30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Detects Metal Objects in Walls up to 16" Thick.

Introducing the Metal Detector by First Edition ProductsTM, a new hand-held tool designed to enhance your on-the-job productivity. With the Metal Detector you can accurately:

  • Detect rebar, cable, pipes, conduit, and other metal objects
  • Work with structures made of concrete, wood, plaster and more
  • Reduce costly drilling or cutting errors and save time

    Buy the Metal Detector along with its companion, the DrillSpotter and Save $$$

  • Unique Features and Benefits

    Detection Specifications