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First Edition Products

Hand Tools


Fireman's Axes
The Pick-Head Fireman's Axes come in 6 lb and 8 lb weights. Fiberglass handles are lightweight and virtually unbreakable under normal conditions of use. Handles are coated with highly visible yellow PVC plastic. Drop-forged high-carbon tempered steel heads are securely affixed with industrial epoxy adhesive.

European-style Sledge Hammers
Now Available!!
Traditional European-style Sledge Hammers

Drop pressed carbon steel head allows for INCREASED "STRIKING" surface area versus traditional style
Fiberglass handles are "Strong" and "Durable"
Rubber grip for added control
Available sizes in 2, 6, 8, and 10lb.

Wrecking Bars
The heavy-duty wrecking bars are constructed of drop-forged, heat-treated, high carbon steel. Hex-shank for superior strength and grip. Available in lengths of 12, 24, and 36. Buy a set of six and save!

The T-Type bar is a unique double-claw design that offers dual angles of attack for maximum utility. Welded head. Polished tips. Painted finish; color may vary.
The Goose-neck claw design provides for leverage and strength. Polished tips. Painted finish; color may vary.