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First Edition Products

3 Important Functions in 1 Tool

Know Exactly Where the Drill will Exit!

Drilling for window and door installation. Mark drilling point and remove DrillSpotter Before drilling.

You can now drill and be assured of the correct location. Remove DrillSpotter and drill hole.

Drill positioning with different ceiling levels in adjacent rooms.

Good for drilling through ceilings/floors.

Know The Optimum Drill Bit Length
Measuring the exact thickness of a wall is easy with DrillSpotter. Use the enclosed paste to affix the transmitter to the wall or desired surface. On the other side of the wall you can monitor the results on the receiver display. Each lit diode is equivalent to 10 inches. The exact thickness of the wall is calculated by the distance to the next 10 inch step. The device shows wall thickness of up to 40 inches and therefore makes the choice of the required length drill bit easy.

Know Exactly Where Hidden Metal Is

The DrillSpotter is composed of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter alone can be used as a metal detector. A continuous tone indicates the presence of metal in walls and ceilings, such as iron girders or reinforcing bar, metal cables, or metal gas and water pipes. The transmitter should be placed directly over the desired area to be checked or used in a dabbing motion, close to the surface.

Metal Detecting Depth Range

  • Up to 6 inches with steel beams or girders and large metal surfaces.
  • Up to 3 inches with individual steel reinforcing bar, cables and metal pipe or conduit.
  • Up to 2 inches with small reinforcing bar or rebar grids spaced 4.8 minimum apart.