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Buy the DrillSpotter with its companion, the Metal Detector, and Save $$$

DrillSpotter's primary function is to precisely align the receiver with the transmitter, through the use of a magnetic field, optical and acoustical signals. Once you have aligned the receiver, on one side of a wall, ceiling or other structure, with the transmitter on the other, you have identified the exact entry and exit points for drilling a hole. At the same time, the DrillSpotter measures the distance between the transmitter and receiver. This makes the choice of drill bit length easy. DrillSpotter can locate the exact entry and exit points for a hole in a wall or other structure up to 40 inches thick. DrillSpotter is recommended for walls, ceilings and other obstacles including reinforced concrete.

30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Ineffective traditional methods such as test drilling and drilling blind are now things of the past. You locate the exact drill exit point when:

All drilling-through becomes much more effective, precise and faster, therefore all drilling work can be carried out more efficiently! Operation is very easy and precise because the receiver utilizes a very precise magnetic field, optical and acoustic signals to align precisely with the transmitter, therefore achieving exact drill positioning.

The DrillSpotter transmitter can also detect some types of metal objects in a wall or ceiling. However, for accurate and reliable metal detection, see our Metal Detector product page.

  • Drilling blind into concrete or brick
  • Diamond drilling
  • Through drilling

  • 3 Important Functions in 1 Tool!

    How To: It's as Easy as...

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